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How the Lib Dems will tackle the housing crisis

by John Shaw on 30 May, 2017

We need more homes in Basingstoke to meet local needs.

This chimes with a recently-announced Lib Dem pledge to create 300,000 new homes each year across the U.K. – almost double the current level – through a government commissioning programme.

House prices in Basingstoke are out of reach for many people, private rents are too high and there isn’t enough social housing to meet demand.

After many years of delay, we’re finally seeing progress on projects such as Manydown. But that’s too little too late for many people struggling to afford a home in our town.

I want to kickstart house building in Basingstoke, using new and sustainable construction technology, so that everyone who wants to live in the area – including young families, nurses, teachers and the police – can afford to do so.

Basingstoke is a vibrant and exciting  town with a strong sense of community. I don’t want to see that disappear because people are priced out of the town.

We have a chance to put things right and change Britain’s future on 8 June.

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