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How we can change Britain’s future

by John Shaw on 5 June, 2017

As a former local Borough and County Councillor, I have a long record of campaigning for local people.

My priorities for Basingstoke include joining up our local hospitals and social care services to stop 10,000 bed days being lost because of insufficient facilities into which patients can be discharged. Read more.

I will fight funding cuts to local schools, which are set to lose £6.4 million by 2019 under current government policy. Read more.

I want to increase the provision of housing in Basingstoke so that everyone who wants to live in the area can afford to do so. Read more.

And I want to give you a say on the final terms of any Brexit deal. Read more.

Vote Lib Dem on Thursday 8 June and take the opportunity to change Britain’s future.

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