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Why I’m backing our public services

by John Shaw on 7 June, 2017

The message from my conversations with local people over the past few weeks has been very clear – they worry about the way the current Conservative government is neglecting important public services on which we all rely, putting people’s health at risk and preventing the next generation from fulfilling its true potential. I share those concerns and want to put investment in health and education at the heart of what I do. 
10,000 bed days are being lost in hospitals in and around Basingstoke because patients can’t be discharged into under-funded, under-staffed social care. Liberal Democrat proposals to invest an extra £6 billion a year in health services – paid for by a 1p in the pound rise on income tax – will help to put that right.
Schools in Basingstoke face significant budgetary pressures because of Conservative cuts and headteachers are going to be forced to make some difficult decisions on staffing numbers if the situation doesn’t change soon.  On top of that, Teresa May wants to take away free lunches from thousands of school children in our area. That’s why I’m supporting Liberal Democrat plans to invest £7 billion more in education over the next Parliament. 
We all have an opportunity to reverse the decline in our much-needed public services when the polling stations open tomorrow. Vote Lib Dem on 8 June and help change Britain’s future.
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